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What is the best POS system?

UPDATE December 2013: A massive Target Data Breach suddenly has everyone talking about POS System Security. When choosing a POS system, cost is not always the first consideration. The projected growth of your company, the number of products and services that are going to be handled, and the overall transaction cost are all much bigger considerations than the software price. In recent years Point of Sale software has become available for iPads and Tablets, and there are even players like Square POS which can create an out-of-the box system that may be ideal for small coffee shops and independent retailers. For other small businesses, medium sized firms, and enterprise-level operations, more robust solutions are called for. Naturally, it also makes a difference if you are a retailer or a restaurant, and what kind of cash registers you are going to have.

Point of Sale System The customer side of the POS is critical when comparing point of sale solutions. In restaurants, the check is going to be delivered to the patron, and food orders will presumably be entered into the system. Back of the house software is going to be used for ordering and tracking supplies and food inventory. Systems like Squirrel POS are often used because the learning curve for wait staff and bartenders is low, so it does not take too much time to get people up to speed in an environment that may have high turnover. Plus, the nature of the restaurant business means that you can hire waiters and servers who already know how to use the system from a prior employer. Meanwhile, in retail the POS system may even be simpler, and driven by checkout via laser scanners. Use of cash-register inputs is often the exception rather than the rule, and all pricing and product information is kept in the system. Scanning guns can also be used to change prices and make inputs into the POS server.

Recently, much of the news surrounding POS terminals involves the fact that 30% of existing systems run on Windows XP, and this software platform has reached end-of-life status, so therefore many store owners could find themselves out of PCI compliance if they can't patch their terminals. Tablet POS vendors are using this as a sales cue to try and convince people to their terminals, which may have fixed rates for card processing.

Diversity of options

Most of the time, people who open up retail stores are already familiar with a point of sale software brand or vendor. They may also be opening up multiple franchises, or can find employees who are up to speed on the more common platforms. Restaurant managers in particular like POS because it replaces a lot of the paper ordering and inventory control from the past. In retail, the ability to quantify demand for products, prevent shortages on the shelves, and track shrinkage are common factors in POS success. At the end of the equation is the customer experience at the cash register, where a fast checkout and credit card payment authorization, all of which may go through the same software suite, are going to determine client satisfaction and profitability. A Point of Sale system that is easy to use, easy to set up, provides dashboards to management, and works with a CRM system, are all critical factors in business success. Therefore, whether you are going with a tablet-based POS for a small cupcake shop, or running a multibillion dollar enterprise with real-time pricing adjustments, your profitability is going to be based on the best system for the money, not the cheapest POS on the shelf.

As more and more systems become obsolete, and big data finds ways to turn POS data into actionable analytics, there are a lot more opportunities for big and small companies.

List of POS Software Vendors and Brands

The list below shows the software vendor as well as the brand of software sold. In some cases these are the same and the names may be redundant, but in other cases the brand name is different. Furthermore, there are many proprietary brands that are built off common software platforms, but they may be white labeled or set up so they will only take one payment processor or may only be serviced by authorized resellers of the whitelabeled software, and not the original POS source.

The format below show Brand, followed by a colon, then the software. Therefore, Aloha Brand With Aloha Software would look like Aloha: Aloha

BakeSmart POS: BakeSmart POS

Spot POS: Spot POS

Elavon: ViaWarp

Hamilton Manufacturing: E-XACT

Hamilton Manufacturing: Hamilton Credit

iGoFigure: iGoConnect

RICS Software: RICS

Payment Processing Inc: PPI Pay Mover

Versatile Software Systems: For Chiropracters Only

Neill Technologies: Salon Biz


CAM Commerce: X-Charge

Microsoft: RMS / Dynamics POS

Chamberlain/PTI: payXpress / webXpress

Interactive Designs, Inc: SalonTouch / SunTouch

PhotoOne: PhotoOne

Mind Body Inc: Mind Body

Multiple Vendors: ChargeITPRO


QuickBooks: QuickBooks

Chase Paymentech: Orbital Gateway

Dentrix: PowerPay

R.O. Writer: Shop Management System

RunIT: RunIT

Paywire: Paywire

Trek: Ascend

RO Writer: RO Writer

TransFirst: XLDent (XLCharge)


Prophet: Prophet

Cam Commerce: Retail Star

Vin Now: Vin Now

Dove : Dove Teleflora

Time Magic: Pool House Manager

DRB Systems: DRB Systems

Intravet: Intravet

Extreme Blue: Salon Salon 2

Kodak Dental Systems: Practice Works

CAM Commerce: Retail ICE

LifeSaver: LifeSaver

Secure Net Shop: Secure Net Shop

Akada Software Inc: Dance Works

IQMetrix: Retail IQ

Xcharge: Salon Iris

Cam Commerce: Micro Biz

Resale Liberty for Consignment

QS1: System One

Point of Success: Point of Success

Point OS: Point OS

Signature Systems: PDQ

Helios: Helios

Storage Management: Storage Management

Ortho II: Viewpoint

Eagle Soft: Eaglesoft

eProcessing Network: eProcessing Network

Activant: Eagle POS

ASI: Restaurant Manager

Microsoft: RMS / Dynamics POS

Cutting Edge Solutions: Future POS

Cutting Edge Solutions: Future POS

PAR Technology Corp: PixelPoint

Action Systems: Restaurant Manager

Celerity Data Inc: Infinity Retail Mgmt System

Vermont Systems: GolfTrac

Yahoo Storefront: Yahoo Storefront

Comcash: Comcash

Positive (A.K.A.Go Positive): Positive (A.K.A.Go Positive)

Diamond Touch POS: Diamond Touch POS

RMS Touch (Not Microsoft RMS): RMS Touch

Radiant Systems: Counterpoint POS

Silver Earth: SE Commerce

Slim CD: Slim CD

Pay Trace: Pay Trace

ADP Lightspeed: ADP Lightspeed

Merchant OS: Merchant OS

TAM Retail: Tam POS

K3 Software Corp: RPOWER

Wand POS: Tender Retail

Focus POS: Focus POS

Retail Pro: Retail Pro

SMD Software: Site Link

Clean Suite: Clean Suite

Gym Assistant: Gym Assistant

R Power: R Power POS

Floral Visual Ticket

IC Verify: IC Verify

First Data: First Data Retail/Rest Solution (Cash Register)

Global Payments: AuctionPay

Cap Software: Cap Retail

Sage: Peachtree

Transaction Data Systems: RX30

Design Manager Pro 7: Design Manager Pro 7

Xenois LLC: 2 Touch POS/Slipstream

Envision Pro Management: Envision Pro Management

Abbott Systems: The Edge

Fore Reservations: Fore Reservations

CBS Positouch: CBS Positouch

InnQuest: Room Master 2000

Windward: Windward

Sentinel Systems: Winsen

Red Cheetah: Red Cheetah

USA ePay: USA ePay

Millenium: Millenium

FlexTracks: Flextracks

KeyStroke: Key Stroke

Datasym: Datasym

SoftTouch POS: SoftTouch POS

QT Technologies: Visual Site Minder

ECI Software Solutions: Brittania

Rezstream: Rezstream

Liqour POS: Liqour POS

Computer RX: WinRX

Cougar Mountain: Denali/Kodak

trim pos: Flashpoint

Therapy Partner: Therapy Partner

BMI: Direct Touch POS

Sierra POS: Sierra POS

Anthology POS: Anthology POS

Carestream POS: Kodak Dental Systems

Maitre D: Maitre D

Nusable: Sable POS

Cervelle Software: Merchant Magic

Acclaim POS: Acclaim POS

MYOB Account Edge: MYOB Account Edge

Integrated Services Inc: Lube Soft

Burlington Bankcard: Enhanced Utility

Business Control Systems: One Step

Aptora: Total Office Manager

Netsuite: Netsuite

Spa Booker: Spa Booker

System 3: System 3

Fasttrack: Fasttrack

Sage: MAS90

Merchant Anywhere: Pay@PC

Ticket Turtle: Ticket Turtle

Bookstore Manager: Bookstore Manager

OS Commerce: OS Commerce

Solveras Payment Solutions: Solveras

Freedom POS: Freedom POS

Jumpware: Jumpware

Coffee Shop Manager: Coffee Shop Manager

Total Touch: Total Touch

Real Green POS: Real Green POS

American Precision Instruments: Regit

Arrow POS: Arrow POS

Versitouch: Versitouch

Mitchell1: Mitchell1

Liquor POS: Liqour POS

EZ Facility: EZ Facility

Childcare Manager: Rapid Tuition

Eagle Business Software: Eagle Business Software

Jack Rabbit: Jack Rabbit


Sophmatt: DVMax

Visum: Focal Point

The Hudson Group: The Hudson Group

Fabricare: Fabricare

Marathon Solutions: IP Fusion

Rezovation: Rezovation

Rock Solid POS: Rock Solid POS

Fishbowl: Fishbowl

RMSA Retail Solutions: Charter POS

The General Store: The General Store

Centershift: Centershift

Aknaf: Retail Advantage

Successware: Successware

Rocket POS: Rocket POS

eGenuity: eLube POS

TriTech: AIMsi

Rossware: Rossware

Runit: Runit

Silverware POS: Silverware POS

Alexandria POS: Salon Maid

Limo Anywhere: Limo Anywhere

Syrious: Syrious

TSYS: Counter Pass

Beauty Track: Beauty Track

Revention: 911

Point of Rental: Point of Rental

Tri-Tech: Aimsi

J3: J3

Retail Edge: Retail Edge

Life Systems Software: Chiro Office


Insight Salon & Spa: Insight Salon & Spa

Quikstore: Quikstore

ICS: Tunnel Master

Mpower: Mpower

Curbstone: Curbstone

Procare: Tuition Express

Comcash: Comcash

CSI Spectrum NG: CSI

Fresh Books: Fresh Books

Club Systems: Spa Synergy

Itransact: Itransact

XM Oxygen: XM Oxygen

Donor Perfect: Insta-Charge

Printsmith: Printsmith


ECI Software Solutions: DDMS

Ezlinks: Ezlinks

Kennel Connection: Kennel Connection

BBL Systems: BBL Systems

DaySmart Software: 123 Pet

Neilx: Nelix

Scott System: Maxx Traxx Pro

Wam Software: Wam Hauler

Certek: Artisan

Idexx: Cornerstone

Antemedia: Paystation

VinNow: VinNow

McKesson: Pharmaserv

Selbysoft: Selbysoft

Amigo POS: Amigo POS

Choice Hotels: Choice Advantage

Ordyx: Ordyx

SBT Pro: SBT Pro

Impromed: Impromed

EZ Software: EZ Dine

Sabre: Sabre

Scribble: Scribble POS

EZ Spirits: EZ Spirits

Clientrax: Clientrax

AT Software: AT Software

Cyrious Software: Cyrious POS

Investar: Touch Suite Pro

Jonas: Jonas Club Management

Harbortouch: Harbortouch

Salon Transcripts: STX

ChiroSoft: ChiroSoft

ChiroTouch: Cash Practice

Mainline: Compassmax

MAS Direct: MAS Direct

Win-EZ: Win-EZ

Speedline: Speedline

Commander NE: Commander NE

Benseron: Benseron

HBS Sytems: HBSystems

Eonline: Champion Way

Centeredge Software: Centeredge

Platinum System: Millenium

FloristWare: Floristware

Microworks: Prism

Miva: Miva Store Link

Horizon Business Concepts: Total FBO

Shiprite: Shiprite

Accupos: Accupos

Dydacomp: Mail Order Manager

Posim: Posim

JMM Software: Total Retail Solution

WASP: QuickStore

Panisonic: System Manager Pro

Basic Software: FreedomPay

Scan Q: Enlite

EZ Dental: EZ Dental

Cynergy: Lucy Gateway

Sequoia Retail Systems: PCPOS/ePOS

Tan Track: Tan Track

Vanco: Dolphin Management

Studio Plus: Spectra

ICSUSA: Treatwear

Intuit: Oasis

ASA Automotive Systems: ASA


Appointment Plus: Appointment Plus

Firm POS: Firm POS

Global Business Systems: Smart

Food Tech: Food Tech

Iclasspro: Iclasspro

Morse Data: InOrder

Unitec: Wash Select II

Ideal POS: Ideal POS

Companybe: Companybe

Hot Sauce: Hot Sauce

Cashier Live: Cashier Live

R Stream: RS POS

Sam4s: SPS2000

Vivonet: Halo

Spirit POS: Spirit 2000

Zen Planner: Zen Planner

Salon Touch: Salon Touch

Qubicaamf: Microsale

Consignpro: Consignpro

Clubsoft USA: Clubsoft

InfoTouch: Shop Keeper

Vitalink: Vitalink

Big Hairy Dog: Retail Pro

Red River POS: Red River POS

Fiserv: Check Free Compete

Business Plus: Business Plus

Service Pro: ServSuite

Winward POS: Winward POS

Proschool: Proschool

Xpient: Iris

Total Control: Total Control

SunLync: SunLync

PAI: Auto Star

Compass Tecnologies: Compass

Soft hotel: Soft Hotel


Tiger POS: Tiger POS

Centurion Business Computers: Centurion Business Computers

POS Nation: Fine Dining POS

Epicore: Eagle

RainMaker: RainMaker

Maddenco: Maddenco

ICS: Vision

Mailware: Mailware

Pro Visio: Site Kiosk

Solutions by Computer: Solutions by Computer

Acsend: Acsend

Dine: Dines

Club Speed: Club Speed

Flowersoft: Flowersoft

Print Tix USA: Print Tix USA

Camptrak: Camptrak

Amber System Technologies: Vigore

Foodtronix: Foodtronix

Flashpoint: Flashpoint

Limo Wiz: Limo Wiz

Evosus: Evosus


Care Credit: Care Credit

Blue Sky: Blue Sky

Storage Commander: Storage Commander

TSD: (Car Rental Software)

Limowiz: limowiz

Breakaway Restaurant: Breakaway

Digital Gateway: E Automate

Megasys: Megasys

Winworks: Auto shop

Resite Online: Resite Online

FTD Mercury: Cash-Flo

Desco: Esc

Clip: Sensible

Galactek: Eclipse

Frog: Frog

Sedona Office: Sedona Office

Hamilton Manufacturing: Hamilton Auto Cashier

Rent Plus: Rent Plus


Vagaro: Vagaro

Everlogic: Dealer Logic

CBC : D├ęcor Fusion

Bloomnet: Bloomnet

Sale Control Systems: Posal

IT Retail: IT Retail

Shortcuts: Shortcuts

Bloodhound: Bloodhound

OnePos: OnePos

Reservation Nexus: Reservation Nexus

Open Hotel: Open Hotel

Club Ready: Club Ready

SafeSave: SafeSave

Wynguest: Wynguest

Eclinical Works: Eclinical Works

Arma: Arma

ABC Financial: Datatrak

Nexternal: Nexternal

Resort Data Processing: Protobase

Ovation Tix: Ovation Tix

Transaction Central: Transaction Central

Assal: Intouch

B2B Soft: Wireless Standard

NCR: NCR Silver

Revel Systems: Revel POS

Atrex: Atrex

Industrious: Oak Street

Frazer: Frazer

Wintac: Wintac

Iris Systems: Tripman Elite

POS Unlimited: Store Management Suite (SMS)

Flexipos: Flexipos

Alert: Easy Pro

Vacation Rent Pro: Vacation Rent Pro

OMS Vision: Oral Max

Sage: DacEasy

Firefly: Firefly

Alexandria POS: Restaurant Maid

Rock Gym Pro: Rock Gym Pro

Center Edge Software: Pathfinder

Syrasoft: Syrasoft

Plexis POS: Plexis POS

Orchid: Orchid

Wordstock: Wordstock

Wordpress: Wordpress

EZ Biz: EZ Biz

Resmark: Resmark

Gift Logic: Gify logic

Dive Shop Express: DSX

Gatemaster: Gatemaster

Northstar: Northstar

Availity: Care Collect

Hiopos: Hiopos

Arba Retail Systems: Arba

Camp Ground Master: Camp Ground Master

Supermenu: Supermenu

Resort Suite: Resort Suite

ShootQ: ShootQ

Smartwerks: Smartwerks

Computach: Square One

DRB Systems: Site Watch

Service Auto Pilot: Service Auto Pilot

Charter Aspen: Charter Aspen

Nova Point of Sale: Nova Point of Sale

Celerant Technology Corp: Gunbroker

: ResoSolutions

: Vacation Rental Desk

PC Synergy: Postal Mate

K9 Bytes: K9 Bytes

Appfolio: Appfolio

Cstars: Diamond Scan

RB Control: RB Control

Easy Dispatch: Easy Dispatch

Carestream POS: Orthotrac

Pacware: Pacware

Store Next: ISS45

Store Next: Scanmaster/WinEps

ASC: Craftsman

Lavu: Lavu

Qfloors: Qfloors

Tredds: Tredds

Acclivity: Checkout (for a MAC)

REV23: Tattoo Management Studio

Washgear: Washgear

Dtech: All Star/Spalon

Retail Plus: Retail Plus

IPPay: IPPay

Genesis: Genesis

Ace Retail: Ace Retail

Efence: Efence

PioneerRx: Pioneer Rx

SalesVu: SalesVu

Planet DDS: Denticon

TigerPaw: TigerPaw

Camaleon: Camaleon


Freedomsoft: Tire Shop

LiveREz: LiveRez

ASA Automotive Systems: TreadX

One Source Salon Systems: Hairmax

Cleaner Business Systems: CBS

Computer Systems International: CSI

Servman: Servman

FloraNext: FloraNext

Wash Gear: CardWorks

CryptoPay: CryptoPay

Center Shift: Store

Untill: Untill

Woo Commerce: Woo Commerce

ServicesCEO: ServiceCEO

Ready Theatre Systems: RTS

Exacta: Pay Master

Manage Monster: Manage Monster

Utouch: Utouch

Key Software Systems: Xcelerator

Upfront: Upfront