First Data Products

Details on First Data's Clover Point of Sale

In 2013, the First Data corporation purchased Clover and ran a pilot program with many small business owners across the US. More recently, it has been made available to BofA small business clients. This marks a very prominent entry into the tablet POS marketplace and may legitimize the trend toward swapping cash registers with robust and inexpensive systems.

Clover Details

Aside from the eleven and a half inch monitor, Clover includes a base, receipt printer, and a cash drawer. There is a camera on the tablet for QR code recognition and a swiper for credit cards. Some optional add-ons would include handheld barcode scanning and a printer for the kitchen, so orders could be relayed to the back without delay. Aside from four USB ports there are connections for a LAN, Bluetooth devices, and wireless connectivity. While the system itself advertises cloud-based functionality, there are offline modes which may be ideal assuming that 100% connectivity is not a given. .

Advanced functions of the Clover POS

Some features of Clover are obviously intended to streamline other aspects of small company life. There are timeclock apps, order tracking, inventory, and transaction reporting functionalities built into the system, and the robust platform allows for third party developers to create custom apps. There is even a digital notepad app that can be seen on all registers simultaneously. Some features are more in tune with full-service restaurants, but QSRs and specialty retailers are also among the list of targeted consumers. The touted advantages of cloud functionality are that a manager or owner, presumably using a smartphone or tablet elsewhere, can get fast stats on sales, inventory, and other data. Menu items and pricing could also be added or modified remotely.

According to the Clover website, the system is sold with a merchant account, and this would represent a substantial difference versus products like the Square Register, which essentially preserve's Square's 2.75% rate structure. Merchant account clients have the opportunity for bigger savings and negotiated interchange markups, so for higher volume shops Clover may be more appealing. .

An interesting feature of the system is the "customer facing view" which only shows the customer's pertinent information when the base is swiveled. This means that information on the cashier/manager's side of the screen is safe from prying eyes.

Video from Clover's Site